Upgraded an existing 2 node cluster from oes11sp2 to oes2015 in order to
be able to start using pools larger then 8TB. All updates have been
applied. All imanager plugins have been upgraded to the latest
available. iManager running on either of the nodes does not show any
nss64 options like it should. Tomcat has been restarted as have each
of the servers as well. nssmu running on either server does deal with
nss64 just fine, but since the volumes are cluster enabled, nssmu is not
really a decent option.

Running the latest standalone workstation version of iManager
with updated plugins does work with nss64 as expected.

The latest version of iManager running directly on the OES2015 servers
is version 2.7.7. The available storage management and storage shared
plugins are newer for the version of iManager, but since this is
OES, I have to run the latest OES compatible version which is 2.7.7
which forces me to run older plugins. Surely OES2015 wasn't released
without a working iManager that could utilize some of it's own newer

What gives?