Seeing this error in /var/log/messages :
Mar 23 14:13:25 n13 ndpapp[8220]: [NIT_IPC 0x7ffff2a5c700] : nitlib_get_sevlist_from_name: Got error -649 from NCPID for getting the SEV list from DN

It appears in all OES2015 servers with NSS volumes and it appears on a two hour schedule. Every time it shows up the error is repeated the same number of times on a given server, but not necessarily the same number of times on all servers. For example the server n13 will log the error 10 times every two hours, whereas another server (n14) will log the error 18 times every two hours.

So one clue is that this is due to some internal process that is executed on a scheduled basis. It is obviously tied to eDirectory and NSS and the '-649' error is an out of memory/insufficient buffer error. But there is not enough info in the error message to go any further. Is it eDir that is out of memory? Is is ndpapp or the mysterious NCPID? Is the SEV list too large? What is the DN where the error occurs?

So far this seems to have no impact on users using the fileserver, so it may only be one of those cosmetic errors.

Is anyone else seeing this on OES2015 (not applicable to OES 11 since NIT only comes with OES2015). Any really smart NIT experts out there (you know, NIT wits - sorry couldn't resist the pun).

The servers have only been patched to the end of Dec 2015, so the following still need to be applied:
OES2015-Updates | oes2015-February-2016-Hot-Patch
OES2015-Updates | oes2015-January-2016-Scheduled-Maintenance
OES2015-Updates | oes2015-March-2016-Hot-Patch
OES2015-Updates | oes2015-edirectory-888-patch6-hot-patch1