Hello all,

I need to query user for his/her UserAccount entitlements for a specific system.
I'm using for-each loop:
Action: do-for-each(arg-node-set(token-entitlement("Account")))
IDM engine makes a query that reads all user entitlementsRef:
<read-attr attr-name="DirXML-EntitlementRef"/>
After that, it shows nodeset in Token Value:
Token Value: {<entitlement-impl> @id = "" @name = "Account" @qualified-src-dn .....}
Now I need to filter the UserAccount entitlement for only one system, but in the <entitlement-impl> nodeset there is no element that I can use to do so.
The only thing that I think I can use is <volume> element from DirXML-EntitlementRef attribute. But I don't want to query for <DirXML-EntitlementRef> because user can have lots of entitlements (over 500 for instance).
So maybe you guys/ladies can help me, and give a hint what to do?