In article <>, Jlewter wrote:
> outlook access.
> Configuration of the client works fine and mail is retrieved and sent
> just fine. Having issues getting it to import address books. The
> instructions talk about using LDAP to search address books so
> configuring it with edirectory backend servers LDAP. It just comes back
> saying can't find anything on searches. Has anyone set this up and
> gotten it to work correctly? Would love any input on it if you have.

Sorry you got missed here.
Likely this is more of an eDirectory issue since that is what you are
talking with. My guess is that Outlook assumes it can see the email
addresses without authenticating to LDAP for the lookup since it is the
AD model of over sharing, and eDirectory doesn't share all that to just
anyone. The other possibility is that eDirectory hasn't been populated
with the email addresses.
Generally the LDAP client (in this case OutLook) needs to authenticate to
LDAP to get much, or you need to setup LDAP with a proxy account to
expose what you want exposed.
I would test with an LDAP browser such as to see
what you see, as well as ndstraces on LDAP on the server side.

Andy of in Toronto
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