I think I do understand how Filr-Desktop-2.0 is working as described in filr-2-overvw.pdf (14.4).

But on my PC in the Filr folder (Windows explorer) I don't want to see everything I have rights to on our OES-Server.
I would like to see only a subfolder of my home directory on our OES-Server and nothing else.

In Filr 1.2 or older I could set "Folders to Sync" in Filr desktop, which is now not possible in Filr 2.0.
But there is a registry key FilrDefaultFolderList of type REG_MULTI_SZ (see filr-2-admin.pdf, page 172).
I tried to enter there e.g.
My Files/MySubFolder
But I have no success. (Is my syntax ok? Is it language depended? E.g. My Files -> Meine Dateien (in german)?)

Is there a way to achieve my goal?

Best Regards, Uwe.