OES servers with DFS on the back-end.
DFS structure is something like this:

L:\ -> \\server1\vol1

\\server1\vol1 contains ONLY DFS junctures, no data.

From an end-user perspective, they would see:


And the "Folder1" is a DFS Juncture pointing to say: \\server2\vol2
etc. etc.

Now, because I don't want to create 23 net folder servers, and 23 net folder FOLDERS and have to deal with the assigning rights (truly horrible, I might say), I've defined one netfolder server:

and one Net Folder *folder*: L-Drive (that points to the SERVER1)

I let the OES DFS/NSS stuff do it's work. I assigned the Filr rights as "all internal users" so that they can SEE the L-Drive Net folder in their web client, and then of course, the NSS File rights take over at that point to govern what they see.

The issue I'm having is that the 23 DFS junctures/volumes have VERY large datasets and the JITS can take upwards of 120 seconds to fully show everything, so we get a lot of complaints about timeouts/etc.

What I wanted to know:

Can I define additional net folder FOLDERS such as:
L-Drive\Folder1 that points to the appropriate DFS juncture and then enable indexing ONLY on that net folder, but NOT enable any Filr rights?
My thought is that I can selectively index some of the larger volumes and that Filr would be "smart enough" to know that the other netfolder stuff actually points there?

Or does it not work that way?