The school system I work for decided to move the student account from GroupWise to GMail over the summer. Since the move I have had several teachers request that the district reconsider that move and push the student accounts back into GroupWise to make it easier with the Address Book contacts. I know there is several ways of populating the address books. And instead of starting another round of arguments on who should be hosing our e-mail, i figured I would ask what the best method of taking care of this request would be?

Is the External Domain option the best answer in this case? I reviewed another post pointing to this link as how to get that done.

I also reviewed the LDAP Search address option in Address Book. I can search the eDir LDAP for students but the option to allow the end user to autocomplete based of this options doesn't seem to be available.

I also looked at creating address books per grade level and sharing them with all the teachers. Allowing them to pull in just the address book they are wanting to use.

Anyone have recommendations on how best to deal with this?

GroupWise 2014 R2