I have a running O365-driver which almost works.
Creates, license allocating and deletes works fine.

But modifies e.g. changing Title in IDV results in an error:
"...level="error" type="driver-general"> Recipient "XXX" couldn't be
read from domain controller
"AMSPR02A002DC04.EURPR02A002.prod.outlook.com" . This may be due to
replication delays. Switching out of Forest mode should allow this
operation to complete successfully".

It looks allright in the trace with a "modify class-name=MSolUser", a
valid association, "modify-attr attr=Title", "remove-value 'something'"
and "add-value 'someOtherthing'", until "Remote Interface Driver:

Does anyone know what it means and how to fix it?

IDM on SuSE 11sp4-64 bit
O365-driver on win2012r2 64 bit

- Martin

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