Anyone seen the errors when running

ndsrepair -P -Ad -A.

Selecting root partition and
7. Synchronize the replica on all servers

The error:

Servers that contain a replica Replica Type Status
..server-ldap04.Servers.Services.MGMT Read/Write -654
..server-ldap03.Servers.Services.MGMT Read/Write -654
..server-idm04.4.Services.MGMT Read/Write -654
..server -idm03.Servers.Services.MGMT Master

It looks like my tree is in sync but I do get a problem when adding a
server to the root partition. The error is -637, that indicates a recent
move operation, but I have not moved any servers, or done any partition
operations lately.

I could try to fix this using "Repair all time stamps and Declare a new
Epoch", but I am not sure if this gives me bigger/other problems? I am
running IDM 4.02 and IDM 4.5(3) on the servers in addition to
edirectory. (8.8.8)

Anyone with experience in how to troubleshoot this kind of problems?

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