How should I go about troubleshooting why Net Folders are not showing up for users?

Just deployed a single appliance, small environment setup. .421 is the version.
Users are sync'd via LDAP to our eDirectory tree.
test users can login, see their home directories.

Setup Net Folder, called Staff Shares.
points to volume holder staff shared, which users have various rights to folders located in it.
actual folder on server is homefs05\shares\staff
netfolder points to homefs05\shares , relative path set to staff
ou of staff accounts set for Access
two individual user, set for Access
Netfolder server
points to

every test connection button in various places (net folder, net folder server, etc) reports back Successful.

Yesterday, while the initial sync process was running, my techs reported various access to suggested they wait till after the sync was finished.
This morning, no one can see anything under NetFolders...even those that could be seen yesterday...