I have a JDBC driver connecting to an Oracle database on IDM 4.5.2. The
driver has been running for over a year and then all of the sudden it
died and will not restart. The error is "PT:java.io.IOError:
java.io.IOException: Wrong index checksum, store was not closed properly
and could be corrupted."

I've tried restarting NDS and restarting the server (Windows 2012 R2)
but the error persists. From my online searches I have found
suggestions that it is a database problem. Had the dba rebuild the
view, same problem.

I exported the driver and recreated a copy in the IDV. The new driver
starts up fine. I could run with the new driver but re-associating can
sometimes be a headache and so I would rather try to get the original
driver back on its feet if possible now that I know it is not a database

Does anyone have a suggestion on how I can reset the "index checksum" or
flush out this error from the original driver?

Thanks in advance.

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