Still running 11.2.3 (non-A), but new devices/adapters demand a newer e1000e driver.

In the past, I've downloaded the driver tar from Intel and built the kernel module on a SLES 11.2 VM (kernel version matches the imaging environment). The resulting module (e1000e.ko) was integrated into the imaging environment without issue. I've done this several times now, but seem to have hit a snag.

I built a new module with the latest Intel driver (v3.3.3) and it seems to load in our existing 11.2.3 imaging environment (kernel 3.0.13-0.27-default), but the environment lacks the required USB support for the new devices so no keyboard/mouse when booted from disc or PXE.

I downloaded a newer disc from Novell (11.2.3a MU1 Oct 14) and it seems to have the necessary USB support, but a newer kernel version (3.0.76-0.11-default). I rebuilt the driver module on a SLES 11.3 VM where the kernel versions match, but when I boot from disc insmod reports "unknown symbol in module".

On the SLES 11.3 VM I have installed development packages such as gcc, kernel-default-devel, kernel-source and linux-kernel-headers as well as any dependencies.

Any tips on how to get the drive to load?