It's been a while since I've done anything with our GroupWise system, but
what was once 7 seperate domains and physical sites, is now just head office
(UK) and subsidiary company (USA), and as such, we simply have a primary and
secondary domain on our UK GroupWise system, and then the USA has a single
domain, in it's own system, and we're connected as external systems to each

Because we have reliable connectivity to each other (site to site VPN)
nowadays, the time has come to add them to our GroupWise system as a
secondary domain.

I have a few questions if someone can help a rusty GroupWise admin out...

1. I can only assume we can operate domains on different time zones without

2. Once we are connected as primary / secondary domains on the same system,
mailboxes in the US can proxy to mailboxes in the UK, and utilise GroupWise
shared folders with each other?

3. What is the procedure for doing this job? Any TID's or guides to follow?
I can't have both servers in the same room, so is it critical that both
servers are reliably connected to each other whilst the merge happens?
Again, any advice much appreciated.

We are both GW2014 on SLES...

Many thanks in advance,