Hi Guys,

Primary Server = version 11.32

Adding Appliance = version 11.30 (I've changed the version numbers in ZenServerVersions.xml to 11.30)

After choosing adding to Existing Zone, i'm getting the following error

invalid primary server, you must specify a primary server that has a CA role.

Tried Ip, DNS name nothing works.

extra info:

This Primary server and CA role came from old server that has migrated from nwoes2-2.domain.nl (certificates also state nwoes2-2.domain.nl when typing zac cert-info on the clients)

Server is named zcm112.domain.nl or zcm.domain.nl


I want to add a secondary server so clients experience no downtime during migration to 11.4

Fix the wrong name certificates. nwoes2-2.domain.nl should be zcm114.domain.nl when new 11.4 server is up and running.

Idea: adding secondary server that takes over primary roles when primary server is down for migration.

Getting new zcm114 appliance up and runnning and change certificates. (don't know how yet)

Can anyone assist?