I came across a few things I wanted to double check on.

First, when there is a bad authentication to OSP 6.0, I am seeing the
following log in the tomcat/logs/osp-idm.XYZ.log


[OIDP] 2016-04-06T14:47:13.302-0500
Level: ERROR
Code: com.novell.oidp.source.ldap.LDAPSource.accept() [1592] thread=ajp-bio-8009-exec-10584
Message: CreateConnection


Is that supposed to be the case? That seems cryptic and a bit extreme
to consider a bad auth an application ERROR.

Second, in the catalina.log, it logs "WARN
com.netiq.idm.auth.oauth.OAuthManager- [RBPM] Token validation failed.
HTTP status code: 400 Detail message from authentication server:", but
doesn't actually log the detail message. Is there a way to get the JSON
or the detail for a response code of 400 logged in either the osp-idm
log or in the catalina.log?


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