I created a new SLES11SP4 install and deployed the latest GMS2014R2 install. I can import users, in my case a group with the list of users and they seem to start the process of syncing with all but one of the users showing Synced as well as phones showing up within each user. I used my device as a test device and the dashboard seems to show content flowing between my GMS system and GroupWise. Yet on the phone itself it attempts to sync yet fails with Can't contact server as the error on the iOS device. I thought it might be something with my ZMM server causing so remove the set up on the phone and pointed directly the the GMS server. Received the same error.

I am guessing that I either didn't get one of the steps in the install correct or that possibly I have a conflict I am missing.

What would be the best log file to start with to determine what is going on? Is there any advice as to what I might need to look at first?