Trying to migrate my 3 Virtual Primary SLES ZCM 11.4.1 servers to a new subnet, call them P1, P2 and P3. P2 and P3 have gone over already and appear happy. Before I transfer P1 (with the internal Sybase), I want to test that while it is down, P2 and/or P3 will pick up the slack and, at least, handle authentication.

I only have the "Closest server default rule" running which has all servers in every role. A 'zac zc -l' on a managed device lists them all.

So shut down P1 and then the fun begins. Clear the local cache, zac ref and then a 'zac zc -l' which gives "Closest server not found for any role" and so no authentication. Properties on the ZAA give the "Management Zone, Server DNS and Server Address give "undefined".

Is there some configuration at the zone level for P2 and P3 or something in the ZAA? Or, maybe this is working as designed?

Comments appreciated.