The PeopleSoft Driver documentation states that the engine or a remote
loader must be installed on the PeopleSoft server. I have been able to
run the driver reliably without an engine or RL on that server. I found
this old post which supports what i have seen. Is this still true?

Will Schneider
11-Dec-2008, 23:24
For the PS driver the remote loader is optional. I was confused
initially about this as well.
What you need is the psjoa.jar that matches your PS tools version, the
compiled jar from the component interface that you create, and the
standard shim.

They just all go in the class path on the server that is running your
engine and it runs natively then.
I've found performace to be better too.

I think the times you want to run the remote loader is if you want SSL
between the engine and your CI. In that case you would use the java
remote loader running directly on the PS app server. The shim, psjoa,
etc would then all be there.

Hope that helps!

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