I'm having an issue setting up LDAPS in OES11 Sp2 / e-Directory 8.8 SP8
( Up to date).
I want to disable anonymous simple binds, use High ciphers and disable
SSLv3 for LDAPS.

The OES 11 SP2 Installation guide under the troubleshooting - Poodle
vulnerability section says to set the value of LdapBindRestriction to
128 to disable SSLv3 for LDAP.

If I set LdapBindRestrictions" to that value and then look in iManager -
LDAP Server - Connections.... Bind restrictions is blank and Ciphers is
set to low
However, If I set the "LdapBindRestriction" parameter on the LDAP server
object in iManager to 498....
High Ciphers and SSLv3 are disabled but the value for "Bind
restrictions" is now blank.

I'm confirming that SSLv3 for LDAPS is disabled by issuing the openssl
s_client -connect ServerIP:636 -ssl3

I can't seem to find the correct value.

Any help would be appreciated..

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