I set up a new entitlement with queried values looked up from the
IDVault. It looks up all groups in a specific OU, and grabs the CN and
Description (1000+ Groups) I then set up a resource using that
entitlement, and to assign the value at the time of assignment. Then I
logged in as a Business User, go to the "Request Access", go to
permissions and type in a partial name of the Resource. (The filtered
looked is working here). It then brings up a form to enter reason, and
the entitlement value. I enter a reason, then enter "Legal" in the
lookup filter and it returns the first 10 values. No matter what I type
in, it returns the same 10 values. Shouldn't this also bring up a
filtered list? How can I make it a filtered list, as with 1000 values,
it is worthless.

Running IDM 4.5.3

Thanks -

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