So we currently have 7 year old servers two hp 380g5's running on a shared disk array, and running cluster services each server with 12gb of memory :) We have started to get complaints about file access being slow especially on macs as we are only using AFP for them currently.

So i'm thinking of basically replacing it all with a VMware system.

Two hosts:
HPE ProLiant DL380 Gen9 Performance - dual Xeon E5-2650V3 2.3 GHz (2 cpus, 10cores each) with 128gb minimum memory per server (nothing like overkill, might even be around 192gb)
HPE Modular Smart Array 2040 SAS Dual Controller SFF

Connected directly to the two hosts via SAS
With 24 x 1.2tb or 900gb or whatever disks are available...

Users: we have around 600 users in the group this is the GWIA Gateway for the whole group and has a post office for around 250 users and the GMS Server has around 350 devices on it (one for our whole group). The fileserver will be sharing files for 200 staff onsite and another about the same again using VPN / WAN Access.

I'll be running Groupwise, GMS Server, cardev/caldev server, OES File Server. Vibe, Filr, Ohh and possibly something from GWAVA for archiving / DR.

Does this seem about the right level of hardware. Has anyone got a similarish sort of setup.

Also disk layout, one huge RAID10 Array, or a couple of raid6 arrays... We have done it all as stand alone systems so making it virtual is feeling a bit weird to me :) Groupwise I know really needs quick disk IO, but I don't see others creating their own raid1 pair for it so i guess it just is part of the big space that's virtual... Do any of you guys if you have a similar type of system look at a SSD in a couple of the slots as a cache or not?

Sorry if this is rambling and a bit vague, just tell me to stop talking out of my backside. :)