I recently install and configure the following components:

Managed System Gateway Driver
Data Collection Service Driver

When I log in into reporting through browser It appears the following message:

"There are no Identity Vaults configured on your system"

When I looked in logs, I find the following error in the DCS driver log:

Data Collection Service Driver STCSSubscriberShim: sOAuhT: new authentication request failed with status: 401

REST Exception: Could not authenticate to Data Collection Service</description>

Code(-9006) The driver returned a "retry" status indicating that the operation should be retried later. Detail from driver: REST Exception: Could not authenticate to Data Collection Service

The information in my DCS driver:

Connection Parameters
IP Address: UserApp_ip
Port: 8080
Protocol: http
User DN(LDAP): CN=uaadmin,OU=sa,O=data
Password: ******

SSO Service Support: Yes
SSO Service Address: UserApp_ip
SSO Service Port: 8080
SSO Service Client ID: dcsdrv
SSO Service Client Secret: ******

Registration parameters

Identity Vault registration
Name: My_tree
Description: My_tree
Address: identity_vault_ip

Managed System Gateway Registration

Register Managed System Gateway: Yes
Managed System Gateway Driver DN(LDAP): CN=Managed System Gateway Driver,CN=DriverSet-01,OU=IDM,O=system
Managed System Gateway Configuration mode: local
User DN(LDAP): CN=admin,OU=sa,O=system

I searched a lot but can not find a solution. Can anyone help me?

Thanks in advance!!!