we use a ZCM 11,2 installation unfortunatly on a 32bit Windows system by our servergroup. Now I want to migrate the system to a 64bit system with an actual version but having problems with the first step, the transfer of the database to a new plattform.

We have one server which hosts the sybase databases and also the ZCM itself. So I think the following migration scenario could work:
1. Move the databases to a new server
2. Install a new 11.2 64bit server for the cluster
3. Remove the old 32bit server
4 Create a new machine using the same DNS-Name and IP-Adress as the old server
5. Install 11.2 on this machine and connect it to the cluster
6. Upgrade everything to 11.4

But I have problems to migrate the database. I have used the manual and transfered everything and also editet the configfile on the server. When I start the ZCM after transfer it says that the database isn't available. Since we have no passwords from the time the system was set up I think it could be an encryption problem or that the Sybase doesn't use the copied database. But to be honest I couldn't find the error.

Can you help me find my mistakes and can you look at my "plan" for the migration? As usual my boss is in my neck to upgrade the system that he can "sell" those fancy Surfaces with Windows 10 to our department leaders ....