Found out today, that I'm able to subscribe external users to a folder, cool. So my external vendors can be notified when a job folder contents are updated or changed. However, they cannot view the files because they don't have permission to them because you have to share it with them first. However, you can't share a netfolder so I would have to give them access to each file under that folder every time a file changes and they get notified about it. This seems like it needs some clean up. Either don't let me subscribe other users that don't have permission, or allow me to share a netfolder externally.

Not a huge deal once I thought through it, but it can cause a lot of confusion and issues with external users getting a lot of digest updates that they can't access or unsubscribe from.

Also, I wish there was an easy way to see everything I'm subscribed to, so at some point I can clean up my subscriptions easily.