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Thread: iPrint HP printers slow

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    iPrint HP printers slow

    Hi all,
    iPrint on OES2015 server, all patches applied. Few HP and Xerox printers.
    After update to HP UPD 6.02 drivers version users notified that print on HP printers works very slow.
    Switching between HP printers takes 30 seconds (from HP to Xerox and between Xerox printers 3-5 sec, from Xerox to HP 30 seconds). Also setting detailed properties and sending job on HP printers takes long time (few seconds to switch option, printing 10 pages sometimes takes sometimes more than 5 minutes).
    Applied new 6.04 iPrint client, not helped. No shortinstallname etc.
    Backing to 6.0, 5.9 drivers not help, switching to direct print, also to PCL6 drivers Checked that when switching to Xerox drivers on HP printer solve speed problems but it's no option cause they have on only basic functionality on HP printers (no option to choose tray).
    Customer wants to throw out iprint :)
    Any suggestions. Anyone found the same problem ?
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