I am unsure which group this should be in but figure this one would be a good start.

I am attempting to upgrade the OEM based Windows 7 (and 8.1) devices that I have using the Windows 10 upgrade program. I have played around with scripting it out and can get a lot of the work done using powershell scripts. My problem is that the initial upgrade fails. If I do nothing other then run the command again the upgrade will process and is successful. Currently I have the following process scripted out.

1. Uninstall AntiVirus (in my case Panda Cloud Office Protection) - Reboot
2. Unregister and uninstall the ZAA - Reboot
3. Start upgrade with setup.exe with switches to upgrade keeping user files in place. (I have attempted to use each of the three different upgrade options all fail at the same place)
4. Once system is completely updated and rebooted a powershell script is used to check for major application installation and install them if they are not installed (ZAA, Office 2013, Novell Client 2) - Reboot.
5. A login prompt is presented and once logged in specialized application install is processed for the individual system.

The failure happens after step 3. Once I tell it OK on the failure Windows 7 is once again presented. I can then start the same script to start the same upgrade process and the second attempt completes as expected.

The upgrade error indicated it was a failure due to security software and suggestions including removal of any AntiVirus software. This is the reason for steps 1 and 2.

Has anyone attempted to do this type of action? Any insight as to what might be causing the first failure? I am tempted to deploy MDT 2013 to see if that process will be more successful.