Did a discovery on a system using nmap as part of the discovery and have discovered targets that don't exist! Initially nmap was not installed on the system I was doing the discovery from. I used an IP range outside of the standard range as I was checking to ensure nothing was on this range. I got the following: ZENworks Ping (failed), WinAPI (failed), Nmap (succeeded), Mac Address (failed)

The IP addresses are all local to the ZCM server.

Why am I getting nmap discovery succeeded for all IP addresses with NO hosts?

We then installed nmap and got the same results on both 11.3 & 11.4 running on SLES11.3

We also ran nmap manually and got “0 hosts up_ for all these “discovered targets”

I would have expected if nmap not installed I should see something like: Nmap (failed) or Nmap (NA) Succeeded is the wrong wording. If nmap is installed we are getting the same results. It should fail.