I have a windows 2012 R2 server running IdM 4.5.3 & eDir 8.8.8 that will
no longer load iMonitor. (Single server instance of eDir) The server
was listening on port 8028 (secure 8030) and I previously logged in to
iManager. I think it was after I patched eDir with patch 7 that caused
the server to be in a state where it is no longer listening on port 8028
or 8030. I get an error that says page cannot be displayed when trying
to access iMonitor. I tried to telnet to those ports to see if they
were open, but they were not. iManager (installed on the same server)
still loads so Tomcat seems to be working. I checked the NetIQ eDir
windows control panel that reports the iMonitor (ndsimon.dlm) as
running. Any ideas as to why iMonitor will no longer load?


Does iMonitor use the same Tomcat instance as iManager (iManager being
installed on the same eDir server)?

Are there any log files for the iMonitor web server, if so where are
they? I've looked around \Novell\NDS and can find the ndsimonitor
config files, but no log files or anything else that looks like I could
modify to get iMonitor up and running.

Any other ideas of things I could check?

Thanks in advance for any help.

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