Hello All,

I'm having some weird issue with an ADdriver in Designer 4.5.3

I can not seem to spawn the 'Password synchronisation' dialog when
trying to configure it and i cant find out why.

The driver has default packages from the catalog :
- AD Base
- AD Default config
- AD Password synchronisation
- Password sync common
Next to that some additional policies have been implemented.

I already tried a cycle of removing the packages and re-adding them
which gave no result, selecting the password synchronisation just does
not bring up the dialog.
If i create a new driver from scratch (same packages) and then try to
invoke the password synchronisation it will spawn without a problem,
which leads me to believing it must be something in the existing driver
i'm missing or is blocking it to spawn.

Any ideas on what controls the availabillity of the password
synchronisation option, or what i might be missing which prevents it
from showing it ?

- Michael

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