I have just discovered, some messages have changed from a normal mail to "Personal Message", when I updated the system from GW2012 to 2014.
I have later updated to 2014R2, and now they are "Sticky Notes".
The problem is, that the content is gone. Or at least invisible.
I have tried to use the function "Change to" => Mail, but that didn't solve the problem.

All the problematic mails I have found so far comes from two senders at the Danish Ministry of Education. Funny thing is, it's not all mails from these two senders that have changed status....
All mails received by GW2014 seems to be OK.

Any suggestions?

The 2012-system was on Win2003R2.
Then I updated to 2014, I used a new Win2008R2 server, attached the data disk from the old server, and simply selected the old Post Office and Domain.
Current version is 2014R2hp1, still on Win2008R2

I still have access to a copy of the 2012 system, so I can save the messages as eml. But it takes time, and I can't find a way to import them into the current system afterwards.

Any help appreciated.
Jens Jakob Sørensen
Dansk Centralbibliotek