I would like to know where I can find the default universal password
policy settings in iManager (version : I was testing the below
scenario and it resulted in the below output. Can you help in
identifying the configuration from were the values in the output was
fetched ? Will it be from the default Universal Password Policy ? If
yes, where can we find the policy configuraion?

step 1. Set the password as never expires for an individual user using
iManager, by unchecking the "Force periodic password changes" option and
save it.
step 2. Check the "Force periodic password changes" option for the user
again and save.

We can see the below configurations set for the user:
- password expiration date-time for the user is set to current date-time
at which the "Force periodic password changes" was unchecked.
- " Days between forced changes " for the user is defaulted to 40 days.

- "Limit grace logins" for the user is set and the "Grace logins
allowed" is defaulted to 6.

Thanks in advance

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