I'm trying to create an event log entry for the connected database to
process. For example, the staging table is updated with changes from the
Identity Vault and an event log entry is created as a pointer to the
changed row.
The same event log is being used to publish data from a staging table
into the Identity Vault.
The document says two things about this.
If you use the "driver's database username" in the perpetrator column,
1) the driver will not process the event log entry via the Publisher
channel unless 2) the "Allow Loopback" parameter is set to true.

Unfortunately, even though I've used what I think is the username, and
"Allow Loopback" is false, the driver Publisher sets the status to 'S'
and deletes the entry.

Any suggestions?
By "driver database username" I presume it means the username in the
"authentication" section of the driver config?

Database is Oracle 11g. IDM Driver version is 3.5.9 with latest Oracle
JDBC. IDM is 4.0.2

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