We are experiencing a strange problem that we just cannot track down and I just want to see if someone here has any insight. A few months ago we began experiencing slowness and complete shutdown of the GroupWise client from remote users. We basically have always used a named server to connect to GroupWise - whether inside the network or out - just makes it easier for laptop users etc so the client uses /ipa-ourservername.com and does a loopback to the lan when you are inside and still works outside.

Our clients started having problems - locking up and saying they lost connection to the server. Inside our network we changed them to use a local address (192.x) and the issues went away. Users outside the network using the ourservername.com still have the same problem. It makes no sense why using the name (or the public ip address) inside the network have the issue because our firewall just routes them to stay on the lan - they do not go outside the network and come back inside, but they have the same problem as someone running GroupWise outside the network.

Things we have done to troubleshoot and rule things out

Moved GW to new hardware (faster disk, faster and more processors, more ram)
Updated GW to the latest patch (2012)
Moved from SUSE Linux Enterprise Server 11 SP2 to SUSE Linux Enterprise Server 11 SP4.

Changed out our Firewall

We are now in the process of getting more bandwidth from our internet provider although we do not think that is a problem as we can experience these issues no matter the current bandwidth load.

I have a support ticket open with Novell - they do not think it is a problem with GW and I tend to agree. We see no issues (in the logs) with errors or database problems at all - and this is not isolated to just a few users - it only matters if you are connecting to the public address, or internal address.

Thanks for reading!