GW2014 R2 HP1
primary domain on OES11

I want to create a new secondary domain on Windows server

Error messages:
If I click finish in the install console on the windows server to create
the domain I get the message "Secondary domain () could not added"

The services (admin service, MTA) are created, admin service is running,
mta service is stopped.
If I manually start the MTA service, it will stop after few seconds

I checked the domain folder on the windows server and missed wpcsin,
wpcsout, wpgate, wpoffice, wptemp folders.
I copied these folders from a running windows mta.
If I start the MTA using startagent.cmd..
startagent.cmd reports:
"SSL Configuration has been disabled because of failure in setting up
SSL rc= [8201]"

After changing Domain type to Windows and activating monitor, I
restarted the MTA in debug window and got the messages
"waiting for task NGW-P0-GW-<domainname> to complete"
"waiting for task NGW-P2-GW-<domainname> to complete"

Aunt Google could not present an answer...

I think, its the SSL message preventing the clean start, but how to
solve this?
admin console reports the location of certs in
c:\programdata\novell\groupwise\... , may be, its a secured place not

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