Before I report this in Bugzilla, can somebody else reproduce it?

Designer 4.5.3

Create a GCV object. Fill in some simple GCV to make it useful.
Add it to package.
Right click, create prompt resource.
(This gets added to the package too.)

Edit the GCV object in some way. Make a new GCV. Update the description,

Right click on the prompt resource, remove from package.
Right click on the prompt resource, delete it.

Right click on the GCV, the option to create a prompt is greyed out.

Workaround: Make another GCV, add to package. Make a prompt resource for
the new GCV. Now remove from package and delete the new GCV + resource
you just created.

Now right click on your original GCV and the option to create the prompt
resource is back.

David Gersic
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