I'm looking for advice for ways to possibly configure a room scheduling resource that allows for viewing a room/resource that can be configured in multiple ways.

Here is whats going on... I want to create individual room resource objects in GroupWise to update the archaic system that has been used forever in my organization. The thing is, we have a room which has folding walls and can be either one large room, two smaller rooms half that size, or for smaller rooms each a quarter of the original size.

I set up a couple of initial test "place" resources to see how it behaves and I think that someone technical like myself could manage what I'm seeing, but not necessarily the receptionist that would be responsible for maintaining the calendar. In a nutshell, what I'm seeing is that I create the appointment, the first resource that I reference becomes the "Place" and the second resource is an "attendee" to the appointment.

I'm curious if this is the best way to configure a multi-purpose room resource in GroupWise or what other ways might be out there. Thanks for any pointers!