Hi All,

We currently have ZCM 11.4 configured on a SLES machine and have recently had some images miraculously deleted/erased from the imaging store.

As a test, to see what would happen if we manually attempted overwriting one of the .zmg files in the store, I used the "F5 Make Image" option from the Zenworks Imaging Engine and then specified the destination path as "filename.zmg" of an existing image and then aborted it before the image sending process was completed. The result was that the existing image file was then deleted. Previously however, when attempting to overwrite image files that already existed, the Zenworks Imaging Engine would give an error before the new image file could even be created, as if the previously created files were specifically set to "Read-Only". I am not sure if this was somehow changed because of an update but now we are certainly able to overwrite images.

Because of this, I suspect that this is what had happened to some of the images that have been deleted.

I now have 2 questions:
1. Is there a method of write-protecting image files after initially making them, or is there a setting on the server that needs to be configured to write-protect all files in the image store.
2. An even better solution would be to somehow protect the imaging store by using some form of authentication, that would prevent images from being uploaded via the Zenworks Imaging Engine without first authenticating. Does anyone know if this is possible as the image store is currently wide open to abuse in the "default" configuration.