I am having an issue of when an account is moved to a different OU, the
LDAP DN in the GW account is not updated. We use LDAP authentication,
so we then have to manually sync the GW account so that the user can log
into GW. When an account is renamed, the LDAP DN is updated fine.

In the GW Driver's GCVs I have tried setting the Account Tracking Realm
to match what the LDAP connection is named in GW (which matches the tree
name) and to the IP address of the server with the master replica. I've
also tried adding LDAPDN to the Identifiers in the GCV | Account

Below are the trace level 3 logs from my test system. In this case, the
user (namef) was moved from Dept5.Site2.chris to Dept4.Site2.chris.

IDM Log - https://seafile.tbrhsc.net/f/6b20be7f88/
Remote Loader Log - https://seafile.tbrhsc.net/f/4cac0b67da/


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