I am Danish, and therefore all our customers are Danes. When accessing
the /dash site, the word Dashboard is displayed in the top. This is what
is displayed also when logged in with Danish preferred locale
(everything else is changed correctly).

This does not make any sense to 90% of the users, they simply have never
heard the word before, and get confused. I have looked through the
different locale files etc. and this string is not in any of them. My
guess is, that is is pulled from one of the Java class files or some JAR
file somewhere, but I am unable to locate it, and unsure if I can even
edit it if I found it, without breaking something.

Can I change it somehow?

Also, a related issue:

After completing a workflow, a box is shown saying something in the
lines of: "The workflow process is complete. You can see its status in
the..." This string is also weirdly translated in the Danish locale. Is
there any way of changing it?

Thanks in advance,


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