We know that the UA query interface has an inherent design issue, in
that it queries the entire table without paging. The paging setting is
only for the display, not for the query.

Thus if you have more than the query limit of values, there is no way in
the UI to display it all.

Yes, you can filter, but what if your filter set is still higher than
the query limit?

I was wondering if anyone had a good thought on how to get back the
entire set of "X" assigned to "Y" in UA?

For example, all users assigned RoleY.

I can look at the directory, at nrfAssignedRoles (Since these were all
USER_TO_ROLE assignments. Look at I think nrfMemberOf for
GROUP_TO_ROLE, and nrfContained (?) for CONTAINER_TO_ROLE). But that
does not reflect truly the UA view, per Steve. Must use SOAP.

So how in SOAP via UA mechanisms could you get back all the assignees?
Can you page the query in the SOAP call?