Im configuring User Activation module in SSPR 3.2. In the active user form I have the following fields:


Birthdate and ContractStartDate are date fields. When I set a value in those fields in the log appears in yyyy-mm-dd format. But in edirectory the format is dd/mm/yyyy.

For that reason when the SSPR performs the LDAP Activation Search Filter, the user doesnt match.

Each field has options, include Javascript (I dont really know what can I do with this option!!!). I need to know if its possible make a conversion or a processing over these data.

I put the following code in the javascript option of the Birthdate field:

var datebirth = %BirthDate%;
var year=datebirth.subtring(0,4);
var month=datebirth.subtring(5,7);
var day=datebirth.subtring(8,10);
var date=day+"/"+month+"/"+year;
return date;

But nothing happen.

Any idea?

Thanks in advance