Here is a wierd one, if a user enters a new password which contains 4
digits in a sequence e.g. 1234Trend@, Trend@3456 etc. the strength meter
will be blank, there will be no message to tell the user what is wrong
with the password and the system will generate a 5015 error in the logs.
However, if the user enters a shorter sequence or a longer sequence in
the password (e.g. 123Trend@, Trend@34567) the system will work as
expected and display an appropriate warning message about why the
password is not acceptable.
We have tried many combinations,the sequence at the beginning of the
password, in the middle, in combination with part of a word from the
wordlist, in each case if the password contains sequence of 4 consective
digits the behaviour will occur.
We have the config set to not allow a password with 4 or more characters
from an entry in the wordlist but that doesn't seem to be relevant here
as all other combinations seem to deliver an appropriate warning.
Has anybody seen this or able to replicate it?

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