We need some help with an iPrint problem. One of our servers regularly (about once a week) stops working showing that the Print Manager is down in iManager. The Print Manager status however on the server shows it is up and running:

server:~ # rcnovell-ipsmd status
ipsmd is running: CN=PrintManagerA,OU=iPrintA,O=RU

When this happens printing stops working. We can restart the Print Manager any way we like, reboot the server etc, but the problem persists, showing that the Print Manager is down in iManager.

At 1am when iPrint automatically backs up the database and restarts the Print Manager everything start working again.

We have tried everything we can think of, but cannot solve this problem. Our users obviously can become very unhappy when printing stops working for most of a day.

We are running OES 11 fully patched and PaperCut MF 15.1

Have you come across this problem before? It seems like a bug in iPrint. We are willing to pay for support if necessary and hope you will be able to put us in touch with a Microfocus partner in our area who can look at the problem when it next happens.

Kind regards,