I have a production system with IDM 4.02 that I need to upgrade to IDM
There are 3 Linux RH 6.6 servers, 2 with IDM engine and eDir and one
with Jboss/PostgresSQL and userapp.

IDM engine is now upgraded to 4.5.3 and everything works fine, but now I
must upgrade the userapp.

The userapp is using roles, resources, workflows and customized portlet
(mainly details portlet).

According to the documentation the upgrade is quiet simple and I imagine
I could follow these steps:

- Stop jboss
- Install tomcat on the current userapp server with JBoss
- Install OSP + SSPR
- Install the new 4.5.x Identity Application and point to the current
PostgresSQL DB
- Upgrade the UserApp and Roles driver
- Start everything...(also applied 4.5.3 patches)

Regarding the details portlet, I guess I could save it from 4.02 and
then restore to 4.5 ?

Thanks for your comments and suggestions.


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