I was doing some final documentation and testing on our SSPR site, and
in the course of doing so, tested the audio version of the reCAPTCHA
challenge. In addition to it being difficult to hear/understand the
numbers - Google's problem, I know - I also found if I had to do a
second challenge because the first one wasn't right, or if I clicked to
get a different challenge - the ability to enter the numbers into the
box completely went away. No cursor, nothing appearing when you typed. I
thought maybe the input just wasn't showing, but I don't think it was
even being accepted.

I am running version 3.3, and just downloaded, but I didn't see
any references to this problem in the fixes listed.

Has anyone else run across this? Is there something I need to fix in the
tomcat config?

Thanks in advance -

-Grasping at straws in MA, USA,
Karla B

ps does anyone know how it decides to show you the additional challenge,
instead of just the "I am not a robot" thing?

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