java7upd5 bundle is deployed to 500 computers. I decided to add an action in this bundle and republish it (version and GUID have changed) and do not deploy it . I create a new bundle for the latest java version java8upd91. The first action of this bundle is to uninstall java7upd5.
but the uninstall is not working and the java7upd5 is showing in Nalwin as if it is not installed (since the version has changed).
java8upd91 won'nt uninstall the old version because for zenworks it is not installed.
how can I keep the change I made to java7upd5 and be able to uninstall it with the java8upd91 bundle.
The first question that comes in mind is why adding an action to a bundle if you do not deploy it ? because the in the Imaging process the applications installations are automatic, it happens that during the successive installation somme applications are creating a PendingFileRenameOperations key in HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE/SYSTEM/CurrentControlSet/Control/Session Manager/ that prevents the next application to install because a reboot is necessary.
so the first action of every bundle is modified to delete this registry key.
I can go throught all the bundles and do a revert but that did not fix my problem.

All Workstations are running Windows 7 sp1 with zenworks agent 11.4.1
Servers in the zone are running ZCM 11.4.1