We are moving to GW2014 this week - and yesterday did a TOP DOWN rebuild for the system as recommended by Novell as per some domain sync issues.
Everything seemed to be okay, but today I noticed that the domain /mslocal/mshold/pox99da has a bunch of files in it - like in the 10s of thousands and it just keeps growing. It was just over 100000 files when I stopped the mta, renamed the wpscin, wpscout and mslocal directories but the files kept queuing again.
I contacted Novell support who won't help because GW 8 isn't supported any longer (BOO) but they said not to worry, it's just log files, and they are just rolling over quickly. They suggested I check my log settings (I did, the support tech said it looked fine) and suggested I rebuild the POA again, which I did, but the files keep queuing.

Any ideas?
The files start with 0016XXXX.XXX and are not very large in size. Right now that directory has over 70000 files in it and growing??