I'm trying to set up a Vibe test server to see if it meets the needs of my organization and I'm having problems getting the server going. I've installed the latest JRE...1.8.0_92, the IBM JCE, had to set the JAVA_HOME, MySQL, ran the scripts to create the MySQL databases... aside from the "can't find java" type of errors everything looks like it is working correctly, but when I start the teaming service it immediately crashes.

In the Catalina log I see entries indicating that something is starting under the user account that I made to manage Vibe and just as quickly it stops. I'm sure that I'm missing something in the instructions, it threw me a couple of times that at the end of the basic installation it says first to start the service, which failed, and then it says to run the scripts to install the database because the service will fail without a database.

I'm trying to run Vibe 4.0.1 on a SLES 12 server. Since this is all new to me I don't really know which logs I should be looking at or what direction to go, and since it is a test server I don't really want to burn an incident to get this set up at this point since I've only started playing with Vibe less than 24 hours ago.