So my plan when we implement OES2015 in a few weeks on a new virtual system is Veeam to backup the Virtual Servers themselves to a QNAP, but the actual Groupwise and Data Volumes using Rsnapshot (rsync based). To copy them to a Large QNAP Doing Daily incremental changes, and also creating a couple of full monthly backups, and maybe one annual or six monthly full system backup, and as long as we still have space on the filesystem we will have Salvage for stage one of restoring a file, and then it's just a case of mounting the QNAP, and copying the file back over.

Have a 100Mbit link to another site so hoping to be able to do Veeam to Qnap or just Qnap to Qnap sync to have an offsite copy of the Qnap Data.

Will initially be around 1TB Groupwise and 5-10Tb of VOL1 Data.

Anyone do similar, or see any big issues with this.

The Only thing I think it won't cover is trustees. But I think there is a command I can run to copy them to a text file. So might run that on a daily or weekly basis via the crontab and just ensure that file gets copied.