I want to generate graphs that show client load on our eDir servers. These servers are eDir 8.8 SP8 (SLES 11 SP3 ). Using Wireshark on a client and interpolating across all our servers I see about 3 LDAP binds/sec, 20 LDAP Modifies/sec, and 2000 LDAP Searches/sec. I want to graph this (using the eDir server as the source of data, not Wireshark) to see how it changes over time. I have not found anything in iMonitor or ndstrace that gives me this information. I believe that this information is in SNMP (ndsSearch, ndsCreateEntry, ndsAddEntry, ndsModifyEntry) and that is where I want to go unless someone else has a better way to do this.

I basically don't want to reinvent the wheel, but I can't find any information on someone doing this. At the moment I am looking at collectd and graphite. I tried logstash already and it seems to only work with SNMP traps.

Has anyone done this and what did you use?

Thanks for any insight.